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Oroville Stormwater Mitigation | Infiltration

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Client: U.S. Customs and Border Protection
Location: Oroville, Washington

The Oroville project mitigated drainage onto, through and from the Oroville United States Border Patrol station.  The site lies at the base of two natural drainages with known springs.  This project included demolition of concrete curbing, asphalt removal, and site regrading to redirect stormwater.   This project included repairs to a 420 foot in length slope that had several slope failures due to poor drainage.  The final task on this stormwater project was drilling two (2) large diameter “MAXWELL Plus” wells (30”) to a depth of 48 feet (see MAXWELL Plus at MaxWell Plus Torrent Resources).  The MAXWELL Plus well system is a dual chamber infiltration BMP, that pre-treats stormwater prior to infiltration into the local groundwater.