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Leavenworth Hatchery | Electrical Service Upgrade

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Client: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service | Region 1
Location: Leavenworth Hatchery, Washington

The Leavenworth National Fish Hatchery (LNFH), built in 1938, was designed for rearing spring Chinook salmon and steelhead.  The electrical service upgrade will be used to support the operations of a partial reuse aquaculture system (PRAS) scheduled to be installed in 2022. This project included the installation of 1,100 linear feet of buried new 15kV primary line extension to supply 3-phase power from the local utility company.  A new 500kVa 277/489V service transformer was also placed in service.  Additional services provided by TDX included a boundary survey for the purposes of documenting a utility easement access.