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NES109 Design-Build | Utilities Relocation

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Client: Army Corps of Engineers, Alaska District
Location: NOAA Fairbanks Command and Data Acquisition Station (FCDAS) Fox, Alaska

The Fairbanks Command and Data Acquisition (CDA) Station is NOAA’s primary satellite ground station for downloading data from and sending commands to polar orbiting satellites. The purpose of this Design | Build project is to replace the existing power and communication lines.  Key objectives of the utility design are to maximize time between failure of power and communication service by mitigating risks such as permafrost thaw, wildfire, and earthquake.  Electrical design was completed to RUS Standards UFC 3-550-01 and National Electrical Safety Code NESC, IEEE/ANSI C2.  The new power line is rated 5 kV, 3 phases, 105C, on Class 2 wooden poles and is approximately 4,000 linear feet in length.  Design: Greg Errico Electrical | Construction Team Member: Lee Hewitt