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Restoration | Stream, Fisheries, and Habitat

Restoration | Stream, Fisheries, and Habitat

  • Habitat, riparian, natural flow, and watershed restoration and enhancement,
  • Stream modification to address quality, velocity, temperature, and depth,
  • Fish passage, hydrologic alteration, staging and resting points, and habitat protection,
  • Selective stream sediment and stacked boulder revetment to create back eddies, rills, velocity changes, and protection from stressors such as predators,
  • Streambed stabilization, re-contouring, planting, and mitigation of agricultural impacts (stream bank erosion from watering of cattle),
  • Installation of Farmers Conservation Alliance screens for irrigation, agriculture, and hydropower (The FCA screen allows separation of aquatic life from entering the intake structure), 
  • Installation of Engineered Log Jams, flood plain roughness, and catchers mitt,
  • In-water infrastructure removal, repair, rehabilitation, and demolition of concrete and steel structures,
  • Utilization of alternative constructive methods to protect, preserve, and minimize impacts to sensitive habitat, river crossings, and riparian zones,
  • Single point construction access, off-stream staging, use of environmentally sensitive/bio-based oil, lubricants, grease in construction equipment and pressure-sensitive tracked trucks,
  • Coffer dam construction, levee repair, rip rap repair, stacked rock wall repairs,
  • By-pass water control, dewatering points and plans,